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In January of 2007, Mr. Fiyaz established the Javed Fiyaz Charitable Trust (JFCT), in large part as a response to the catastrophic earthquake that struck Pakistan. Though the Trust aims at easing the plight of underprivileged people throughout the world, the Trust has most recently focussed its activities on health and education issues, as well as the recent flooding, in Pakistan. It is the Trustees’ hope that the Trust will bring new opportunities for those in need.

The trust has previously worked closely with ERRA (Earthquake Rehabilitation & Reconstruction Authority) which was set up by the Pakistani government to help the victims of the disaster as well as the military division who have all worked and continue to work hard to help the thousands of people affected by the humanitarian crisis. In addition to successful partnerships with ERRA and local government bodies in Pakistan, the JFCT remains privileged to have Lord Ahmed of Rotherham as its ambassador. Liaising with government organisations and military officials, his expertise ensures funds received are allocated to essential projects, that these projects advance at speed and are a successful part of the rebuilding process.

The Trust, in partnership with ERRA, was also involved in [2007] in the construction of a new hospital and university in Pakistan. The earthquake had completely destroyed the main hospital in the Baagh area of Pakistan. A new hospital, equipped with the latest medical technology, was constructed with the help of the Trust and is currently in operation. A new, and modern, girl's school was also constructed in the Chakoti area of Pakistan, boasting 24 classrooms and an advanced science lab.

Mr. Fiyaz also personally donated a large sum of money for the purchase of corrugated sheet metal, which was used for the rebuilding of schools, a hospital, a university and 3,000 homes in Pakistan. In addition to working with ERRA, the Trustees also cooperate with various governments and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Working with the Turkish government, the Trust completed construction, in only nine months, of a university capable of educating 3,000 students in the Muzaffarabad area. Partnering with a Kuwaiti NGO, the Trust has also built a state-of-the-art hospital, equipped with medical technology rarely found in Pakistan.