Recently, Mr. Fiyaz's main activities have been in the transnational maritime transport sector where, until the end of 2007, he capitalized on the expansion that India and China experienced, resulting in a considerable increase in demand for transnational shipping vessels. This surge in demand logically accompanied a marked increase in freight rates. Aware of this potential, Mr. Fiyaz made massive investments in maritime transport and built up a significant fleet of vessels, primarily operating dry bulk carriers for the transportation of iron ore, coal, cereals, bauxite, phosphate, fertilizers, steel, and other products.

In 2007, Mr. Fiyaz merged his maritime transport activities with Global Oceanic Carriers, a company listed at the time on the London AIM stock exchange, before the group was sold to Kaylee Maritime at the end of 2007. Despite the slowdown in the market, Mr. Fiyaz continues to prioritize the establishment and maintenance of long-term relationships in the international maritime transport sector, including with charterers, operators, brokers, suppliers, classification societies, and insurers, and plans to develop his ship portfolios in the years to come.