Mr. Fiyaz’s recent main business interests have been in trans-national shipping where until late 2007 Mr. Fiyaz was able to exploit the expansion which took place in both India and China where demand for vessels capable of trans-national shipping increased dramatically. Along with this increased demand naturally came a drastic increase in freight rates. Recognizing these opportunities, Mr. Fiyaz invested heavily in shipping and built a significant fleet of vessels, the principal activity of which was to operate dry bulk carriers for the transportation of iron ore, coal, grain, bauxite, phosphate, fertilisers, steel and other products.

In 2007 Mr. Fiyaz merged his shipping interests with the then London AIM listed Global Oceanic Carriers , an interest which was sold to Kaylee Maritime towards the end of that year. Although now the market has cooled, Mr. Fiyaz remains focused on building and maintaining long lasting relationships in the international shipping industry including with charterers, operators, brokers, suppliers, classification societies, insurers and plans to expand vessel portfolios in the coming years.