Mr. Fiyaz owns interests in a number of prestigious residential and commercial real estate properties in the United Kingdom and aims to invest in various emerging markets in Eastern Europe, as well as in India and the Middle East, markets which, according to Mr. Fiyaz, present significant growth potential. Mr. Fiyaz, who maintains excellent relationships with real estate agents in London and beyond, intends to continue developing his global portfolio of real estate and land holdings.

Example of a real estate project undertaken by Mr. Fiyaz:


Exemple de projet immobilier entrepris par M. Fiyaz :

Rutland Gardens - Knightsbridge

The innovative design and cutting-edge technologies that characterize this residence are only revealed once inside, where the space seems to open up before the visitor. Spread over 4 levels bathed in natural light, the additional space offered is truly remarkable.

The priceless feeling of privacy and security offered by this residence is matched only by the timeless elegance of its exceptional surroundings. Finding a private outdoor space in London is a challenge, but the space created here offers a true oasis of calm and tranquility.

The importance placed on health and well-being is evident: the pool (one of the deepest private pools in London) and jacuzzi allow for relaxation after a hard day. After a session in the fully equipped gym, you can take a steam bath before enjoying a facial or body massage in the adjacent spa.