Mr. Fiyaz's additional business interests and skills are focused on commodity markets, including gas, oil, and precious metals, where he has, with the guidance of industry experts, directed his investments towards the development of mining interests.

Recently, we invested in a bauxite exploration company in Guinea, West Africa. The company holds exploitation rights for three bauxite exploration zones totaling 1,500 km2. The concession areas are located in close proximity to areas awarded to Rusal, the world's largest aluminum producer, and BHP Billiton, the world's largest bauxite exporter. Preliminary geological studies have been conducted, with initial drilling indicating that the volume of bauxite necessary to supply a 3 million tonnes per year alumina refinery could be extracted from only 4 of the 15 plateaus comprising the area. This project involves several reputable consulting firms, including Coffey Mining, Hatch Engineering, and SRK Consulting.


Latest news (December 17, 2018):

Mines: Guinea and Kimbo Bauxite sign a convention worth 355.3 million USD.